We believe that commercial real estate investment can be an effective tool to increase personal income and net worth while providing asset diversification.  We provide commercial real estate investment services to Appleton, Oshkosh, and Green Bay, WI. By understanding your goals and investment criteria, we can then introduce you to real estate opportunities that match your parameters.

There are many considerations to explore when taking ownership of a property.  Some investors choose owning a property in its entirety. A second option is to become part of a Tenant in Common group. This alternative can provide smaller capital requirements, access to ownership in larger properties and effective diversification by pooling dollars with a small group of like-minded investors with similar goals. Whether you want to own 100% of your property or explore Tenant in Common ownership, we can help.

Many years of experience in financing, underwriting, owning and managing commercial real estate makes our team a great resource to assist in your next investment property purchase. Please contact us to discuss your commercial real estate investment goals.

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